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Horizontal Safe Curve Advisory Speed Indicator-Image

Rieker digital ball bank indicator (model RDS7-BB) was specifically designed for determining safe curve speed of horizontal curves and road signing without the need for a passenger or observer. The standard ball banking unit is supplied with a buzzer that is set to alarm at ±10° of angle which is the limiting angle used by most of our traffic engineers in the US. Note, this angle can be adjusted if required by your State or local regulation, which might be different from the Federal MUTCD recommendation.

Coming soon, Rieker® Inc will be introducing a complete solution for signing your horizontal curves. With our newest version of the  RDS7-BB digital ball bank indicator connected to a PC laptop, the vehicle operator simply needs to drive the roads at any speed - our new automated Horizontal Curve Advisory Speed Calculator software does the rest.

The unit is also supplied with a cigarette lighter adapter to supply power. The microprocessor records the largest positive and negative angles measured since the last reset. The most negative angle is recorded as a left turn and the most positive angle is recorded as a right turn which would allow the operator to do an S curve at one sweep. Once the driver has finished going around a curve, the driver presses the MIN/MAX button once - the left angle is displayed - driver presses the button again - the Right angle is displayed - driver presses the button a third time to reset the display.

If a lap top connection is desired (record readings/instant results while driving) - you would need to purchase the unit with the RS232 option. Currently the unit RS232 output provides a continuous stream of readings - one reading per line at approximately 250msec per reading. We interface the output with a laptop through HyperTerminal and the serial port. The unit is configured for 9600 baud, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit.

The model number for the standard Ball Banking Indicator is RDS7-BB. The model number for the Ball Banking Indicator with RS232 option is RDS7-BB-C. We have also made the product with some modifications at customers requests for no alarms, on-off switch for the alarm, and field programmable trip settings. Velcro mounting option available (allows easy install and removal to another vehicle).

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