Low Cost Tilt Warning Switch - ALL-Weather

Product Announcement from Rieker, Inc.

SlopeAlert™ is the Complete Tilt Warning System for Off-Road Vehicles and Equipment. The SlopeAlert units are reliable, low cost solutions of determining in-range and out of range tilt conditions. Connected to a lamp, horn, or solenoid relay, this compact Single or Dual Axis unit can indicate both safe and unsafe conditions as well as provide a control signal to help prevent equipment over rotation.


  • ALL-Weather Housing
  • Shockproof to 500g
  • Lamp / Solenoid Driver
  • Open Collector Switch Output
  • Relay Output
  • Single and Dual Axis
  • Single Supply Input
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Output Short Circuit Protected
  • High Current-Sink Capability
  • Inductive Load Protection
  • -40°C to +75°C Operating Temperature Range
  • Rugged Hermetic Packaging
  • Mercury Free

Single or dual trip angle settings are factory set and can be arranged in a single axis to indicate caution before final alarm. These trip settings are available in both Normally Open (turn something on/out of range condition warning) and Normally Closed (turn something off/in range or safe condition) outputs.

The SlopeAlert tilt indicator was designed for off-road, in-motion vehicles and equipment that operate in high vibration/shock, rough terrain environments. Two of the most common applications for this warning device are:

  • to help prevent vehicle or equipment rollover on steep slopes
  • to aid track vehicles that need protection for over rotation while in motion, especially in rough terrain.

Even though the SlopeAlert System was designed for monitoring vehicle inclination in off-road, rough terrain environments, it is well suited for any application where inclination needs to be limited. Other industrial applications include lawn mower rollover warning, irrigation controllers, construction equipment shut-off valve controllers, lift and dump vehicles, and earth moving equipment.