Remote Angle Display Inclinometer System

Product Announcement from Rieker, Inc.

The RAD2 Remote Angle Dual Sensor Display is the latest addition to their RDI Series of digital inclinometers. Designed to take angle measurements in remote locations, this battery powered digital LCD display box can be matched with any of Rieker's sensor inclinometers to provide a stand-alone angle measurement system. As with all of the RDI series, the LCD display can be factory programmed to display degrees, percent grade, or inch per foot rise. Multiple sensors can be used interchangeably with one display box to coordinate multiple remote locations.

RELATIVE ZERO and MIN/MAX functions are standard on all Remote Angle Displays. The RELATIVE ZERO allows the operator to temporarily zero the digital readout to obtain relative angle changes. The MIN/MAX function provides the smallest and largest angle the device has sensed since it was last reset. The optional RELATIVE DIFFERENCE function can be programmed to give the difference between the TOP and BOTTOM sensors.

The following features are available with the use of the optional wall adapter power supply: dual display capability; bright green, yellow, and red LED's; RS232 outputs; and up to three open collector switch outputs that can be set to switch anywhere within the external sensors measurement range. These outputs can then be used to drive external buzzers, horns, lamps, solenoids, or relays allowing for audible and visual warnings.

The RAD2 model is perfect for any application that requires remote angle sensing such as with remote satellite or radio antennas, audio system (remote speakers/line array systems) alignment, lighting coordination, or platform leveling. Great for VDOSC installers or other line array system users.