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SUB-SEA Inclinometers Tough Under Pressure

Product Announcement from Rieker, Inc.

SUB-SEA Inclinometers Tough Under Pressure-Image

For Marine, Offshore, and Sub Sea tilt monitoring, platform leveling, boom angle, out of level condition indication, inspection, testing, and installation of equipment, Rieker offers rugged underwater inclinometer packages. Whether as a stand alone tilt monitoring sensor or in combination with our RAD Remote Angle Display portable LCD, these units provide real time output of angle relative to gravity in a rugged stainless steel housing.

For sub sea or harsh environment inclination measuring we have a solution for you.

The XB1i is a sensor enclosure that is pressure (100 meters below sea level), seawater, and corrosion resistant. Single or dual axis sensor packages can be enclosed within the stainless steel housing for extreme environment protection and stability. All sensor parameters would be identical to those of the individual sensor enclosed in the XB box. Compatible with all Seika accelerometers and inclinometers, it can provide 4-20mA or 0-5VDC output, providing tilt angle or acceleration.

A liquid tight cable grip fitting (PG VA) or an underwater patch cord adds flexibility to the sealed environment. Along with the compact dimensions of the rugged metal body enable this high-quality measuring system to be used in applications under extremely rough operating conditions.

The XB can be used in any extremely rough environment where exact inclination or acceleration measurements must be obtained. In particular, the XB has been used with great success in the construction, mining, and agricultural industries, as well as on cranes, feed and transportation equipment, ships, in aggressive media, and in seawater under pressure load. It is particularly suited for offshore applications where the use of an underwater patch cord allows sensor connection underwater.

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