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Maximum Energy Efficiency With Energy Savings

Product Announcement from Gardner Denver S.r.l.-Division Robuschi

Maximum Energy Efficiency With Energy Savings-Image

ROBOX screw: The low-pressure compressor unit with the following features:

Silent operation The high compression efficiency guarantees a low-noise generation, that, with the special silencers and the noise enclosure, allows a ROBOX screw low sound pressure levels: <70 dB(A) in every operation conditions.

Maximum energy efficiency The innovative and unique profile of Robuschi's rotors optimises the ration between capacity and pressure thanks to the maximum performance of the internal compression. This increases thus the efficiency of the ROBOX screw unit. The characteristics of ROBOX screw ensure high efficiency (>75%) in a wide range of rotation of the compressor (from 100% to 25%), by reducing thus the energy consumption in any working condition. Moreover, energy savings increase with the use of EFF1 motors and with the new IE3 certified engines.

Monitored operation ROBOX screw is equipped with a constant monitoring SENTINEL 2: the new control panel realised and designed by Robuschi.

Compactness ROBOX screw innovative design and extremely compact dimensions allow, in the best possible way, the increasing demand for reduced spaces available in the compressors' room. Moreover, the front-access maintenance makes it possible to install more units one next to each other, reducing further the compressors rooms space need.

Ease of installation and maintenace Easy installation: thanks to the effortless handling through the forklift and/or transpallet as well as the ease of electrical connection to the system (rear auxiliary panel).

Effortless maintenance from the front side: • immediate check of oil level; • easy oil change; • easy replacement of air and oil filters (forced oil lubrication system with oil cooling system); • easy adjustment of oil pressure; • simple replacement of belt drive.

Robuschi History

With over 70 years of history Robuschi are capable of combining, in the best possible manner, their experience with the most advanced of technological innovations. At the beginning, in 1941, the core business consisted in repairing centrifugal pumps, which were mainly employed in the agricultural sector.

At the same time, the first production range of centrifugal pumps was developed: the RG series. Later on, between the fifties and the sixties, the RBP series (liquid ring vacuum pumps) and the ROR series (low-pressure lobe compressors or “blowers”), were produced.

The company's actual production, engineering, and financial growth took place between the Sixties and the Eighties. During those years the company established itself at national and international level thanks to the industrial production of its three lines: centrifugal pumps, vacuum pumps and lobe blowers.

Thanks to continuous innovation during the nineties and the beginning of the new millennium, production became increasingly capable of meeting customers' needs in advance, by exploring new frontiers as well as markets.

Range and Performances

Application Sectors:


 We are constantly evolving.... in search of perfection....

Technological innovation and leadership are key elements for the company's progress. International co-operation on the continuous development of new products, prototyping and tests in real-operating conditions represent our commitment to ongoing research for the most suitable solutions to meet the market requirements. Robuschi products are a combination of experience, quality and reliability.


Customer Service

Our post-sale customer service provides advice for better operating your installed machines and for promptly solving any possible problem that might arise.

Spare Parts

Robuschi original spare parts mean Quality, Safety and Experience, as well as ensuring a long operating lifetime in compliance with the maintenance intervals.

Planned Maintenance

Robuschi gives you the opportunity to join specific preventive maintenance programs, by means of "ad-hoc" contracts. This not only ensures considerable savings, but also peace of mind and safety of a system which is always working perfectly.

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