Product Announcement from Robvon Backing Ring Company, Inc.

Rings and Squings for Welding Things-Image

Robvon Backing Rings are designed for quick, easy alignment of pipe, tube, fittings and valves and assure precise, close tolerance fit-up. They allow complete penetration and fusion of the weld and radiograph perfect certified welds.

Our Consumable Insert Ring is suitable for use in high and low pressure piping in facilities where TIG welding is used to join pipe or tubing.

The Robvon Conspacer® combines the Robvon Backing Ring and Consumable Insert Ring and is suitable for use when TIG welding is used to join pipe or tubing.

Now, Robvon Squings allow fast, easy alignment of square or rectangular tubing.

The Squing eliminates the need for tack welding as well as slag, icicles or metal inside of the tube. Squings are available in all standard materials.

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