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Ergonomically Designed 2921 Mobile Control Units-Image

Providing an interface between man and machine, Rose+Bopla's 2921 Mobile Control Units are offered with five different sized heads to suit a wide variety of control requirements. Modern engineering facilities use membrane panels for mobile controlling and installation. The 2921 enclosure is designed for membrane keypads or electro-mechanical components.

With their graded sizes, custom front panels can be designed for mounting push buttons or membrane keypads as required (Size range: 85D x 85W x 206H mm to 85D x 105W x 291H mm). Ergonomically shaped handles provide improved handling and impact-resistant polyamide material make 2921 Mobile Control Units ideal for tough industrial settings.

Each unit consists of an enclosure body, a removable front panel with stamped Neoprene gasket, screws, wall-mount bracket with hardware, and M20 power cord cable grip. The 2921 Mobile Control enclosure has a pre-threaded hole for the cable grip at the bottom. If the grip is not required, it may be filled with a Rose hole plug. Cable grips are designed to give bending protection and strain relief. As an option, a self-adhesive magnet can be attached to the rear of the enclosure. The 2921 Mobile Control Unit is rated up to IP65.

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