Product Announcement from Rousseau Metal inc.

Wall-mounted Computer Cabinet - R5MCA-2453-Image

General Characteristics

- The back panel provides easy installation of your computer system

- The fan with filter will help prevent dust from entering and promote proper air circulation

- The palm rest on the keyboard drawer provides good wrist support when consulting computerized data

- The 21¾" x 19" glass panel is demagnetized to avoid image distortion

Product Characteristics

- 24" W X 14" D X 21" H

- The glass surface is demagnetized to avoid image distortion and also protects the screen

- Includes a power outlet strip

- The keyboard tray can be tucked under the cabinet when not in use. It is also adjustable in height to suit different users

- With the monitor holder, you can store a computer and LCD screen in the same space

- The fan equipped with a filtration screen creates positive pressure inside the cabinet

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