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The industry's most comprehensive resource, encompassing more than 175,000 technical papers, standards, ebooks, and related publications from SAE and other renowned organizations. The Digital Library's robust search engine and user-friendly layout make it easy to find, download, share, and manage the technical information you need, when you need it.

SAE Standards

Ground Vehicle Standards (J-Reports)

Aerospace MaterialSpecifications (AMS)

Aerospace Standards (AS)

SAE Historical Standards

Historical Ground Vehicle Standards (J-Reports)

Historical Aerospace Material Specifications (AMS)

Historical Aerospace Standards (AS)

SAE Technical Papers

Technical Papers since 1998

Additional back file options:

* 1990 - 1997

* 1980 - 1989

* 1964 - 1979

* 1906 - 1963

SAE eBooks

Customize your eBook subscription on the SAE Digital Library by selecting from nearly 250 titles or subscribe to the entire e-Book library. You can also subscribe to any of the following technology bundles of eBooks that we've already identified:

* Brakes

* Electronics

* Engine Testing

* Engine & Powertrain Systems

* Fundamentals

* Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

* Lightweighting and Advanced Performance Materials

* Safety

* Vehicle Dynamics & Chassis

* Honda R&D Technical Review

* AVL International Commercial Powertrain Conference Proceedings

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