SATO's GY Series - Double-Sided Printer

Product Announcement from SATO America, Inc.

SATO's GY Series - Double-Sided Printer-Image

GY412 - SATO's new specialty series of printers

Advanced "GREEN SOLUTION" technologies are applied to this direct thermal printer that simultaneously prints on specially designed labels using 2 thermal print heads.


  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Improved Throughput Over Single Sided Printer
  • Savings in Consumables and Operating Costs
  • Ability to Eliminate Pre-Printed Information
  • Lower Total Cost of Operation


  • Provides Streamlined B2C and B2B Customer Communication Processes
  • Print On Demand Surveys, Coupons, Pack Slips, Warranties & Return Policies
  • Eliminates the Need for Separate Packing Slip and Other Printing Devices
  • Enhances Pick Pack and Ship Applications, Reducing Errors


  • Positive Environmental Impact
  • Reduces Land Fill Waste and Associated Expenses
  • Eliminates the Need for Additional Printers


NCR obtains 30% total cost savings with SATO's GY412 double-sided printer:

♦ Saved 39% on labor costs

♦ Saved 65,360 pounds of consumables, not only a cost savings, but a green solution