Noise Source Identification... Acoustic Camera

Product Announcement from Scantek, Inc.

 Noise Source Identification... Acoustic Camera-Image

Norsonic is proud to present an acoustic camera with outstanding performance. The Nor848 is quick and easy to set up before the noise analysis is performed. Both live intensity plots, as well as post processed analysis, are available with the user friendly software package that runs on the enclosed state-of-the-art MacBook Pro computer.

  • A total of 225 microphones as well as a wide-angle high-performance video camera are included in the antenna system
  • Simple connection to the enclosed MacBook Pro computer through a simple LAN-cable
  • Operated on mains or 12Vdc input
  • User friendly software with all required functions for overall and detailed analysis of complex noise situations based on beam forming formulas giving up to 30 dB ranges
  • Overall, 1/1-octave, 1/3-octave and FFT analysis available
  • User defined analysis range covering up to 30 dB dynamic
  • Color intensity plots based on level or frequency
  • Selectable upper and lower frequency limits
  • Live waterfall plots
  • Crop feature for limited analyzing area
  • Direct output of analyzing views to PDF report