Fiber Optic Faceplate Technology for Displays

Product Announcement from SCHOTT North America, Inc. - Defense

Fiber Optic Faceplate Technology for Displays-Image

SCHOTT's Defined Viewing Angle Faceplates for hand-held devices and advanced cockpit displays are Next Generation Fiber Optics. They deliver unmatched viewing security and revolutionary illumination control specifically designed to optimize digital display technology, prevalent across a broad spectrum of today's modern military applications.

SCHOTT's fiber optic technology is unique in that it can control the full 360 degree emission cone of light through the faceplate, creating an optical cut-off for digital displays that can be custom-designed for specific applications and optimized for the orientation of the user. This not only creates additional privacy and illumination control for hand-held or vehicle-mounted devices, but also reduces or eliminates canopy reflections in advanced military cockpits. The faceplate design evolved from components SCHOTT manufactures for image intensified night vision products.

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