Radiation Shielding Glass

Product Announcement from SCHOTT North America, Inc. - Defense

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SCHOTT Advanced Optics employs the same platinum continuous melting units, used to produce our high quality optical glass, to manufacture radiation shielding glass. In doing so, the optimal striae and bubble quality important to radiation shielding glass remain constant and we can assure customers of the superior internal quality and radiation shielding properties of the radiation shielding glass.

Key Applications

Due to the properties of radiation shielding glass, it is optimal for use in nuclear applications, such as power plants and glove boxes, as well as in medical applications, such as x-ray procedures.

Materials Used

Majority of the radiation shielding glass include the use of lead silicate.

Forms of Supply

Radiation shielding glass can be supplied in cut blanks, polished plates, blocks and castings, over 1 m2. Larger formats are also possible upon request.

If you are interested in high precision optical components made of radiation shielding glass, please check here about our options or contact us.


RS 253

  • Nominal density (g/cm-3): 2.50
  • PbO-content (% by weight): 0

RS 253 G18

  • Nominal density (g/cm-3): 2.52
  • PbO-content (% by weight): 0

RS 323 G15

  • Nominal density (g/cm-3): 3.22
  • PbO-content (% by weight): 34

RS 360

  • Nominal density (g/cm-3): 3.60
  • PbO-content (% by weight): 45

RS 520

  • Nominal density (g/cm-3): 5.18
  • PbO-content (% by weight): 71

RS 520 G05

  • Nominal density (g/cm-3): 5.20
  • PbO-content (% by weight): 71

Quality Assurance

Our quality control is based on 100% control of geometrical shape and internal quality. The parts are inspected during all stages of fabrication in addition to an intensive final inspection at the end of the process. We measure internal quality with accurate measurement of the parts with microscope and stress measurement setups according to the "de Senarmont" method. High energy lasers are also used for damage testing.