SUPREMAX® 33 Rolled Sheet Borosilicate Glass

Product Announcement from SCHOTT North America, Inc. - Defense

SUPREMAX® 33 Rolled Sheet Borosilicate Glass-Image

Chemically identical to BOROFLOAT® 33, but with newly engineered processes that enable never-before-achieved glass thickness for more demanding applications, which include uses in opaque armor and telescopes. SUPREMAX® 33 is a rolled borosilicate glass utilizing the unique SCHOTT rolled sheet glass process. This manufacturing technique offers a wide range of glass thicknesses with appealing surface quality.

Benefits include:

  • Low thermal expansion technical flat glass (C.T.E.: 3.25 x 10-6 K-1)
  • High thermal resistance (long term up to 450° C, short term up to 500° C)
  • Excellent light transmission from UV to NIR
  • Low density (12 % lighter than soda lime glass)
  • Excellent chemical durability
  • Available in wide thickness range (28.6 mm - 66.7 mm)