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Glass Drain & Vent value per dollar

Product Announcement from SCHOTT North America, Inc. - Glass Tubing

Glass Drain & Vent value per dollar-Image

SCHOTT - The use of glass drain and vent systems continues to grow. More and more specifiers, building owners and contractors recognize that glass pipe systems will not corrode, will not
burn or emit toxic fumes, are easy to handle and install, and offer the best value per dollar.


The projected service life of KIMAX Glass Drainlines is as long as the life of the building itself. KIMAX Glass Drainlines are the most cost-effective, corrosion-resistant and long-lasting materials available for drain and vent lines.

Made of borosilicate glass – the same type of glass used for laboratory glassware – KIMAX Glass Drainlines are impervious to almost every corrosive and reagent known. Acids that would destroy most plastics have no effect on KIMAX Glass Drainlines.

KIMAX Glass Drainlines are transparent, so you can find blockages easily. They're rugged too. KIMAX Glass Drainlines hold up to physical conditions that would destroy most plastic drainlines. KIMAX Glass Drainlines can handle liquids as hot as boiling water; they won't burn; and they won't melt or soften like many plastics. They are UL classified and even meet ASTM specifications for underground service.

KIMAX Glass Drainlines are used in research, teaching and industrial laboratories; hospitals; and chemical, food and other processing plants.

To learn how your project can benefit from KIMAX Glass Drainlines click on the product details weblink on this page or e mail us your questions