Force-Torque Sensor FTC

Product Announcement from SCHUNK Inc.

Force-Torque Sensor FTC-Image

SCHUNK Inc. has introduced the new FTC compliant force-torque sensor. The FTC sensor was designed to address the ever-increasing demand of industry to further develop automation systems for more sophisticated tasks. This sensor simplifies difficult automated robotic component assembly operations.

Automated processes with high inaccuracies between the tool and work-piece, moving parts, dynamic measurements of force and torque and protection of the robot and tooling are ideal applications for the FTC sensor. The combination of mechanical compliance with opto-electric measurement of all 6 degrees of freedom eliminates the steep rise of force at the time of contact making fast force regulation possible. The shift in tool center point due to compliance is directly measurable and easily corrected.

All electronics are contained within the sensor. 1kHz clock speeds even allow real time robot control. Communication is provided over standard protocols, CAN bus and RS232 or RS485, simplifying installation by eliminating the need for external controllers.