Product Announcement from SCHUNK Inc.


To operators, who wish to utilze the full potential of 5-axes machining in the mold and die production, SCHUNK offers a most efficient and flexible NC-Quick Clamping Vise type KSG-5A. Between its high 5-axes jaws, the workpieces can be clamped within seconds in a way that provides full spindle clearance. Suitable for the individual workpiece, the operator can assemble various top jaws from the standard chuck jaw program from SCHUNK onto the high supporting jaws. In order to avoid deformation at the workpiece, the clamping force of the KSG-5A can be continuously adjusted and precisely defined between four and 40 kN.

Since the multifunctional 5-Axes-Clamping Vise is equipped with high supporting jaws and thus disturbing contours are avoided, generally the use of short standard tools is sufficient in order to reach every possible angle of the workpiece. This saves the expenditure of expensive special toolholders, allows a high metal cutting volume and assures maximum precision at the workpiece as well as a perfect surface quality. Due to additional grooves in the base body, the fixed jaw at the KONTEC KSG-5A-PC may be offset closer to the center of the clamping vise: In case of 5-axes machining of smaller workpieces, the operator gains more additional freedom. The 5-axes supporting jaws are also available as a VS-version for a larger clamping range. They can be turned fast and easily which enlarges the clamping range by 88 mm.

The function of the KSG-5A clamping lever is very sophisticated: With one turn of the lever, the integrated draw bar is actuated. A force transmission box, located close to the fixed jaw, draws the drawbar via a mechanical transmission system backwards. Clamping of the workpiece is therefore done by drawing motion and avoids a flexing of the base body.

With its encapsulated force transmission box, the NC-Clamping Vise from SCHUNK is particularly resistant against dirt, chips and coolant. Optionally it can be actuated hydraulically or pneumatically. The base body of the KONTEC KSG-5A is prepared for the SCHUNK UNILOCK Quick-Change Pallet System in order to significantly reduce set up time. With this vise, expensive spindle down time of the machine can be avoided. Within seconds, the vise with the already clamped workpiece is positioned and clamped micron precise at the machine table. The pneumatically controlled quick-change pallet system is self-locking and if required, can be easily retrofitted on any 5-axes machine.

The clamping force of the KONTEC KSG-5A ranges from four to 40 kN, with jaw width of 125 mm. Due to the special design, several 5-axes clamping vises can be positioned on a machine table close to each other without any gaps. Those who want to simulate machining processes in advance, can download the CAD data of the 5-axes clamping vise from