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UL & CSA Approved Permanent Magnet Brakes

Product Announcement from SG Transmission

UL & CSA Approved Permanent Magnet Brakes-Image

SG Transmission permanent magnet brakes are now UL and CSA approved and recognized as a component for use in motion control systems.

Approved in accordance with UL 508, 17th edition and CSA C22.2 No.14-13, 12th edition.

These brakes use high specification Rare-Earth materials to ensure a positive stopping action in all types of rotating machinery. These power-off devices are designed so that when the power is removed from the unit, the magnetic energy of a permanent magnetic disc is channeled and controlled to attract the steel armature plate across an air-gap, thus clamping it in its place against the stationary field housing to give the required braking effect.

The armature plate is fixed in place to the rotating machine element. When power is returned to the brake coil the armature plate is released from the brake field allowing free movement of the rotating machine element.

Two types of permanent magnet brake are currently available from SG Transmission. They can be supplied as a flange mounted unit or as a spigot-only design depending upon the application.

SG Transmission brakes can be supplied, as standard, with C.L., C.C. and C.R. armature types and feature bores and keys to suit specific requirements.

Our permanent magnet brakes have zero backlash and operate across a wide range of temperatures and voltages. As a result, they are usually the best option for applications demanding precise control and accuracy.

Typical applications include:

• Medical bionics, including exoskeletons and prosthetic limbs

• Military drive systems, including robotic arms and turret controls for automated guided and remotely operated vehicles

• Servo motors and other small electric drives

For product information or to place an order in North America please contact our local agent Ogura Industrial  For all other geographic areas please contact SG Transmission direct.

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