Product Announcement from SKF USA

RT45 Kelvin Resistance tester-Image

Fast and accurate Kelvin meter

  • Dependable, solid-state circuitry
  • Min and max pass/fail limits
  • Standard RS-232C and I/O controls

The RT45 is a Kelvin Ohm meter capable of accurately measuring low resistances with 4.5 digit resolution. It is intended for production, repair or compliance testing of motors, coils, transformers, cables, thermal devices, resistors and other electrical devices. Because of its low resistance accuracy, it can be used in a large motor repair shop. In the 200 milli-Ohm range, the RT45 has 10 micro-Ohm resolution. Because of its high speed, it is suitable for high volume coil production line testing. It can measure resistances up to 200 kilo-Ohms.

The RT45 has both auto-range and fixed range modes for its seven resistance ranges. It can measure continuously or only when triggered. It has user programmable high and low pass/fail limits. The limits can be entered as absolute values or as percentages of the nominal. The pass, high or low signal is visually indicated on the front panel and via the I/O Handler.

The I/O Handler allows the RT45 to be controlled remotely via discrete I/O lines.

The standard RS-232C port allows the RT45 to be programmed and controlled. The measured resistance can be transferred after each test.

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