Deep Groove Ball Bearings... Extreme Conditions

Product Announcement from SKF/North America

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SKF® high-temperature ball bearings engineered for extreme conditions

Promoting reliable performance

SKF® deep groove ball bearings for high-temperatures can operate reliably in the most extreme conditions and often can eliminate a need to specify expensive special bearings or costly lubricants. They can serve in countless industrial applications, including kiln truck wheels, support rollers, general wheel arrangements, and other equipment where bearings will be subject to temperature demands.

Five unique designs in this bearing product series offer solutions for virtually every application environment and promote extended service life and operational cost savings. Innovations among the five types incorporate unique cage materials and designs, lubrication systems, and seal arrangements. Custom bearing designs can additionally be developed.

Depending on type, SKF deep groove ball bearings for high temperatures feature:

  • Pioneering graphite cage technology, which contributes to extended service life and minimized maintenance
  • Special lubricants allow for operation in the widest temperature ranges from 238º F (150º C) up to 662º F (350º C)
  • Double-shielded designs protect against solid contaminants and help retain lubricant
  • Environmentally friendly materials emit no dangerous gases or vapors even at maximum temperatures

Bearing sizes range from .3937 in. to 3.9370 in. (10mm to 100mm) bore diameter and all types are available with cylindrical bores to suit typical mounting methods. These bearings perform ideally for shaft speeds up to 100 r/min.

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