Cylindrical Roller Bearing - Wind Turbine

Product Announcement from SKF/North America

 Cylindrical Roller Bearing - Wind Turbine -Image

SKF® New high-capacity cylindrical roller bearings for wind turbine gearboxes have been uniquely engineered to promote longer gearbox service life and optimized performance. Their innovative cage design and other special features offer enhanced reliability compared with conventional bearing types for such applications.

These bearings can accommodate up to three more rollers (depending on dimension series and size) than standard cylindrical roller bearings usually specified for wind turbine gearboxes. This serves to increase load-carrying capacity and reliability of bearings and gearbox.

Their design, including a low cross-section cage, virtually eliminates the risk of damage by roller-to-roller smearing, which is a common failure mode in bearings typically specified for wind turbine gearbox applications.

The cage design increases lubrication by allowing room for oil passage, which ideally lubricates contacts between rollers and raceways, provides better cooling, and reduces risk of metal-to-metal contact that otherwise could result in smearing and surface wear. The inner ring shoulder-guided cage particularly supports good rolling behavior, especially in low load conditions, reducing the risk of cage slip. Cages are both lightweight and strong.

Optimized cross-sections of the rings and rollers significantly minimize the potential for fretting corrosion, ring creep, and flange fracture, compared with other high-capacity bearings.

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