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TCM® precision ground ball screws from SKF® incorporate a unique and robust internal return system designed for durability and high performance in the most demanding linear-actuation applications. These ball screw assemblies enable precise positioning of moving parts in a wide range of applications for the automotive, aerospace, injection molding, instrumentation, medical, and machine tool industries, among others. Their unique internal return design circulates the ball bearings to the opposite end of the nut through a hole drilled in the wall of the nut body. The nut is fitted with solid pickup pins and deflectors, which guide the balls through the return system. This design eliminates external parts (and the possibility of damage upon installation) and delivers high-speed operation enhanced without the presence of conventional burst-prone return tubes. Hardened all-metal recirculation deflectors are blended to match the thick-walled nut surface for easy installation without special preparation; one-piece nut construction flanges provide built-in accuracies for concentricity, squareness, and straightness; and integral nylon wipers at each end of the nut protect against contamination.

Standard precision ground ball screws are available in screw diameter sizes from 3/8 in. to 6 in.; leads from 0.100 in. to 1.000 in.; and lengths up to 60 ft. Preloaded and non-standard sizes, configurations, and special materials can be custom-designed and manufactured to satisfy particular application requirements.

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