Angular Contact Ball Bearing- pump applications

Product Announcement from SKF/North America

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SKF PumPac®con angular tact ball bearing arrangements available from MRC® Bearing Services are ideally suited for centrifugal pump applications. Their optimized internal designs promote reduced operating temperatures and vibration levels to deliver smoother operation and longer service life in demanding pump conditions. All three series of PumPac bearing arrangements incorporate combinations of 40º and 15º bearing contact angles capable of carrying high thrust loads with the 40º bearing (without unloading the opposed 15º bearing); industry-preferred machined bronze cages highly wear-resistant for optimum functioning in poor lubrication conditions; "CB" endplay for better ball control and reduced heat generation and operating temperature; ABEC 3 tolerances promoting less impeller shaft runout, smoother operation, and longer seal life; and V-etched OD to enable simplified installation by clearly indicating direction of thrust-carrying capability.

Applications for the PumPac 8000 Series include centrifugal pumps, large vertical electric motors, compressors, centrifuges, and others subject to thrust loads while operating at relatively high speeds; the PumPac 8000BB Diamond Series is designed for centrifugal pumps and motors where thrust loads are light and radial loads predominate (such as in double-suction pumps and pumps with closed impellers); and the PumPac 8000AAB Triplex Series provide solutions for pumps accommodating extremely heavy primary thrust loads. CAD drawings of standard PumPac products can be downloaded free from and custom solutions can be developed through the MRC Made-to-Order (MTO) program.

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