SKF System Solution for EHS Information Management

Product Announcement from SKF/North America

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SKF introduces customized system solutions for EHS information management

SKF Sustainability Services, in partnership with ProcessMAP®, introduces the capability to create customized EHS (environmental, health, and safety) information management systems serving multiple facilities anywhere in the world. These tailored systems can extend across geographical, functional and cultural lines to promote consistent regulatory compliance, uniform record keeping, and streamlined decision-making and reporting within an organization.

Other key advantages include real-time access to a common depository of EHS data, elimination of redundancies and improved risk management.

The system's web-based software program seamlessly integrates with existing EHS policies, processes and procedures to minimize disruption and preserve established IT investments. SKF experts take the lead by helping to map strategy and then implementing and deploying a uniquely customized system solution involving all facilities within an organization. Subsequent "24/7" infrastructure support is made available.

The system electronically automates key EHS functions, including audits, chemicals management, mandatory regulatory reporting and EHS Metrics, among other functions. This can drastically reduce time and money usually spent in collecting, analyzing, re-formatting and preparing data for EHS reports.

The system's software modules can be configured as stand-alone units or integrated suites providing the flexibility for system expansion as needed. Their consistent look, feel and user-friendly navigation contribute to minimized learning curves for users.

Working with the IT specialists at ProcessMAP, SKF implemented its own worldwide EHS information management system in 2004. The SKF system connects more than 30,000 employees at 120 sites in 40 countries and equipped the team with firsthand knowledge to introduce the new service.

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