Linear Ball Bearings - Sealed - Pre-lubricated

Product Announcement from SKF/North America

 Linear Ball Bearings - Sealed - Pre-lubricated -Image

Save time and money on greasing with SKF pre-lubricated sealed linear ball bearings

New SKF pre-lubricated sealed linear ball bearings can save time and money typically spent on the bearing lubrication process, which can be especially significant in high-volume applications. Users can further realize environmental benefits by avoiding the "non-green" conditions associated with grease application.

These unique linear ball bearings are available both in compact and standard metric versions. (Pre-lubricated inch series bearings can be ordered.) All are fitted with integral double-lip seals to retain the lubricant and protect against contamination. Seals consist of an inner lip that prevents lubricant from escaping within the bearing and an external lip that wipes the shaft surface as the bearing moves.

The linear ball bearings incorporate plastic cages carrying hardened steel raceway segments and guiding the ball sets. Their recirculating balls reduce friction and provide unlimited stroke to promote optimized performance. Shaft diameters range from 3mm to 80mm and basic dynamic load ratings range from 60N to 37500N, depending on size and type.

Special greases for these pre-lubricated bearings can be selected to satisfy application-specific requirements. Examples include food-grade greases and lubricants ideally suited for clean rooms or vacuum environments, among others.

Bearings can also be provided with raceway segments and balls manufactured from high-alloy stainless steel for corrosion-resistance. Combined with SKF stainless shafts, all-stainless designs can be realized. Custom designs can broaden solutions for particular applications.

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