Split Pillow Blocks - Quick Mount Easy Alignment

Product Announcement from SKF/North America

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Split pillow block assembly for easy installation

SKF® Type SAF Split Pillow Blocks incorporate unique design features to enable easy alignment and installation, proper bearing lubrication, and longer bearing life. These two-piece assemblies mount quickly to shafts and can accommodate heavy radial loads. Applications include fans and blowers, conveyors, and other equipment used in the mining, rock and cement processing, paper, steel, and metalworking industries, among others.

The SAF "inch series" split pillow blocks integrate self-aligning ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, or CARB® toroidal roller bearings lubricated either with grease or oil. Their housings (cast iron or ductile iron) can mount on shafts in sizes ranging from 1-3/16 in. to 10-1/2 in. Available bearing sealing options include PosiTrac™ seals (supplied as standard), contact seals (PosiTrac Plus™), taconite seals, and end plugs.

Housing bases have been reinforced for improved attachment bolt support and improved radial load support. Caps and bases are "match marked" for ease of assembly. Users can choose between two- or four-bolt base mounting slots for attaching SAF housings to an application.

Among user-friendly features, cast-in centerlines and optimized "foot" geometry promote easy mounting and alignment; flats offer "real estate" to attach auxiliary equipment (such as Condition Monitoring devices); dimples provide guides for dowel-pin drilling and other operations; and threaded bases for cap bolts eliminate a need for nuts when joining the two-piece assemblies.

Cast-in grease level indicators inside the housings visually show users when the proper amount of grease has been applied and an SKF patented directional "grease guiding system" serves to channel grease (during re-greasing) reliably into the rolling elements of the bearings. A grease nipple kit is provided with each housing.

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