Telescopic Lifting Pillars

Product Announcement from SKF/North America

 Telescopic Lifting Pillars -Image

Telescopic lifting pillars for diagnostic imaging tables

SKF "TMS" telescopic lifting pillars can provide fast, quiet, and precise movement of diagnostic imaging tables used in Computer Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Nuclear Imaging, X-Ray, and similar medical applications. Their optimized stroke/retracted length ratios provide the capability to lift centric loads up to 400kg and eccentric loads up to 150kg for a distance of 2m.

TMS pillars incorporate three telescopic aluminum profiles mounted on two circulating ball rollers. Their drives work on push load (force up to 4000N or 900 lbs.). Stroke lengths range from 300mm to 700mm; retracted lengths from 326mm to 526mm; and speeds from 16mm/sec to 28mm/sec can be achieved.

Standard versions include the "TMS EASY" and "TMS MECHANICAL"

"EASY" features two DC motors with worm gears as drives. Rotational motion through a spindle-nut system is converted to linear motion for lift. The linear drive is self-locking in each position, virtually maintenance-free, and includes safety limit-switches.

"MECHANICAL" serves as an "open" version without drive motors for easy integration into existing drive systems and control units. A double worm gear running two spindles implements lift motion. Spindle systems are self-locking as safeguards.

Both versions can be customized to satisfy particular application requirements.

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