Wireless Machine Condition Detector

Product Announcement from SKF/North America

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SKF wireless technology improves safety, reliability and flexibility for operators performing equipment inspections

SKF introduces the SKF Wireless Machine Condition Detector (WMCD) that combines with the SKF MARLIN data manager to provide a safe, fast and flexible system for operator inspections. The system uses smart studs and temperature magnets to measure vibration, enveloped acceleration and temperature on a variety of machines in virtually every industry. This portable, easy-to-use system allows Operators to observe, record and monitor machine conditions and identify corrective actions required to maintain productivity and equipment reliability.

The SKF Wireless Machine Condition Detector uses Bluetooth® technology to accurately collect and communicate data – faster than traditional machine condition detectors. Its convenient size makes it flexible to fit difficult spaces, easy-to-transport and simple-to-use on many types of machines. The system is free from the inconvenience and hazards of cumbersome cables and its rechargeable battery makes it economical to operate.

Data from the WMCD and MARLIN can be uploaded to the SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite, a comprehensive software suite that provides a common platform to view and analyze data from all SKF portable and on-line technologies. The software's common look and feel makes it easy to traverse between on-line information and periodic results to gain a complete up-to-the minute picture of asset conditions.

Consolidating data in one software suite facilitates analysis, reporting and interfacing with other plant-wide systems, such as SKF @ptitude Decision Support, CMSS and DCS.

According to Scott Brady, SKF Director of Product Marketing, "Wireless technology is becoming more widely used for several reasons. Eliminating cables increases reliability of monitoring systems by removing the number one cause of monitoring equipment failures - loose or damaged cables. Additionally user safety is enhanced because there is no cabling to get tangled in the equipment being monitored." Mr. Brady continued, "SKF is able to supply wireless solutions for both periodic and on-line monitoring situations. When the data collected is able to be analyzed using one software, complexity is reduced, adding value for our customers."

SKF MARLIN data managers, machine condition detectors and @ptitude software combine to enhance the efficiency of your Operator Driven Reliability (ODR) program for early identification of potential machine problems and prompt corrective action.

For more information on the SKF MARLIN data manager and SKF Wireless Machine Condition Detector, visit the SKF website. www.skf.com/marlin

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