Product Announcement from SOURIAU PA&E

FC/APC Hermetic Connectors -Image

SOURIAU PA&E manufactures the following types of fiber optic connectors:

  • Single-channel: Single-mode
  • Single-channel: Multi-mode
  • Multi-channel

Material options include:

  • Body: 300-series stainless steel
  • Transition: Explosion-bonded 300-series stainless steel to compatible aluminum or titanium
  • Ferrule: zirconia
  • Nut: anodized aluminum
  • Fiber: SMF-28
  • Polish: FC/PC convex or FC/APC 8° angled convex

SOURIAU PA&E's fiber optic connectors exhibit no detrimental damage within an operating range of -55°C to +125°C and are capable of 1000 mate/de-mate cycles.

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