Grid Tie Inverter from Parker

Product Announcement from SSD Drives, a Division of Parker Hannifin Corp.

Grid Tie Inverter from Parker-Image

The Parker AC890PX Grid Tie series offers a self-contained refrigerant cooling system, increased drive power density with better environmental protection, higher ambient temperature tolerance, and higher reliability due to less thermal cycling of IGBTs (Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistors). The AC890PX Grid Tie inverter is used in a number of energy-related applications including PV Solar, Utility Scale Energy Storage, and Wind Power.

Learn more about our Advanced Cooled Free-Standing Grid Tie Inverter Systems (330-1500KW)

By using Parker's Advanced Cooling technology, the high power AC890PX grid tie inverter offers the highest power density available, meaning less floor space per kilowatt. Learn more today!

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