Parker Drive Solutions for Hydraulic Power Units

Product Announcement from SSD Drives, a Division of Parker Hannifin Corp.

Parker Drive Solutions for Hydraulic Power Units-Image

Applying variable speed drive technology to hydraulic pumps in power units can save energy, reduce noise, and simplify systems.

Reduce Energy Consumption
Hydraulic power units are an easy application for Parker variable speed drives, which can be set up to run in setpoint control mode. By receiving inputs representing flow rate or pressure, the drive can maintain just the right pump speed to accurately hold the desired setpoint. Higher efficiency gained through the use of the variable speed drive results in
less generated heat to be dissipated.

Quieter Operation
Lowering the speed of the motor can greatly reduce the audible noise produced, providing for an improved work environment. In addition, shock loading and mechanical wear and tear will be reduced.

Overspeeding a fixed displacement pump can eliminate the need for a second low flow/high pressure pump or eliminate valves and plumbing required to regenerate a hydraulic cylinder. VFD's can be used on designs using fixed or variable displacement pumps from fractional to 2000 HP.