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The OXY-Flex Oxygen Analyzer is the latest creation from SST's creative and experienced engineering team of experts. The OXY-FLEX Oxygen Analyzer is an all-in-one gas detection system that combines SST's unique zirconium dioxide oxygen sensors with very low cost interface electronics. The OXY-Flex is the ideal solution for customers with a requirement for an oxygen sensor and electronics combined for use in industrial applications, especially combustion proccesses.

SST's oxygen sensors are used in fuel tank gas inerting systems in various aircraft including Boeing and Airbus, as well as the biomass boiler and gas combustion market where they are fitted to improve heating efficiency of boilers and reduce harmful emissions. Although these are the primary target markets for these products, SST have quickly learned over the last few years that their oxygen sensors are suited to a large number of alternative and exciting applications due to the flexibility and capability of the sensor. The sensors can prolong the life of fruit, vegetables and other perishable goods by monitoring the oxygen levels in the storage and transportation environments. They can also be used in composting, agriculture and medical applications, to name just a few.

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  • Configurable outputs; 4-20mA, 0-10Vdc and RS232 comms interface
  • Selectable output measurement ranges; standard ranges from 0-25% O2 and 0-100% O2 or fully adjustable via RS232
  • Externally triggered automatic or manual calibration
  • Can be calibrated in normal air (20.7% O2) or in any other known O2 concentration
  • Cycling 3.3Vdc logic output
  • Selectable output filtering
  • Housed in a sealed die-cast aluminium housing with attached oxygen sensor probe and Amphenol ecomate connector
  • Various probe lengths


  • Removes the need for customers to implement their own control electronics within the application
  • No need for external sensor heater supply
  • Effects of barmoetric and application pressure can be removed using simple built-in, single point calibration.
  • High accuracy linear output
  • Cycling 3.3Vdc logic output allows direct monitoring of the O2 sensor pump cycle for diagnostic purposes
  • Selectable output filtering allows adaptive, fast and dynamic or slow stable output

The OXY-Flex oxygen analyzer can be used in various applications and is suitable for numerous industries;

  • Combustion control including oil, gas and biomass boiler applications
  • Composting
  • Laboratory and building air quality monitoring including confined space and personnel safety
  • Industrial process control i.e. gas mixing for welding and steel making
  • Oxygen generation systems
  • Medical
  • Scientific including respiratory studies of a community or an organism, plants and animals
  • Food and beverage packaging
  • Applications where low oxygen is key including fermentation, rust and corrosion prevention, inerting and purging

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