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We are the company you need to speak to if you have a gas or fluid sensing requirement. Our engineers are experts in gas and fluid sensing technology and have created very innovative and unique designs for our customers.

Our Optical Liquid Level Sensors are one of the unique and innovative designs which our engineers have created. The cannot only outperform Electro Mechanical Float Switches on price, reliability, and performance but they can adress issues such as limited space capacity, unreliability and complex installation instructions.

When we ask our customers what they like best about our optical liquid level sensors, this is what they say:

· Accurate

· Compact and non contacting

· Retrofit and easy to install

· High performance

· Reliable

· Robust

· Cost Effective

· Wide variety of outputs

These solid state liquid level sensors are the smallest of their kind on the market and are used in a wide range of applications worldwide.

Please read on and learn more about our entire range of liquid level sensors.

Optomax Basic Liquid Level Sensor

This range has been designed for price sensitive, high volume applications. The Optomax Basic not only provides significant advantages of a solid state liquid level sensor, but can offer price comparative replacement for float switches. These sensors are the perfect solution for applications such as;

· Vending machines

· White goods

· Automotive

· All hi/lo fluid applications

For more information on our Optomax Basic Liquid Level Sensors range, please just Ask The Expert for some FREE advice

Optomax LLC series

Provides a complete range of fully protected digital liquid level sensors with a variety of housings, termination and electrical outputs. Typical applications of the liquid level sensors are:

· Oil sump and bilge pump monitoring

· Pump leaking, pump running and pump primed locations

· Spa baths and hot tubs

· Tank and system level control

· Printing machinery

For more information on our Optomax LLC range, please just Ask The Expert for some FREE advice

Industrial LLC range

We have designed a range of Industrial Liquid Level Sensors which can be used in a wide range of industrial applications such as;

· Engine Oil and coolant high/low levels

· Cutting machine coolant levels

· Gear box oil levels

· Pump and gearbox leak sensor

For more information on our LLC Industrial range of liquid level sensors, please just Ask The Expert for some FREE advice!

LLHP Configurable sensors

The LLHP sensors are our top of the range industrial sensors that prove to be extremely robust and reliable. Various housing styles, electrical configuration and termination specifications are on offer that will suit your applications requirements. This sensor range is the ideal solution in applications such as;

· Engine coolant/oil levels

· Pump leak/running

· Machine oil/coolant levels

· Hydraulic Systems

· Off road and agriculture vehicles

For further information on our LLHP Configurable range, please just Ask the Expert for FREE advice!

Honeywell LLE & LLN range

The Honeywell liquid level sensors are manufactured under the license of SST Sensing Ltd. They use the same technology, the difference is in the shape of the sensing tip on the sensor.

If you would like any further information on these ranges of liquid level sensors please just Ask the Expert!

If you cannot see your application listed, please just Ask the Expert or call us on +44 (0) 1698 740640 and our technical team of engineers will be very happy to discuss your application requirements in order to find you a solution. We can provide full application and technical support on all products, so if you have any questions please just ask!

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