DSM200 Automated Metrology Systems

Product Announcement from SUSS MicroTec

DSM200 Automated Metrology Systems-Image

Fully Automated Top-to-Bottom Side Alignment Verification System

With the DSM200 SUSS MicroTec introduces the automated metrology tool of choice for all emerging front to backside alignment applications. The cassette-cassette front-to-back alignment verification system is the ideal tool for measuring alignment accuracy on wafers from 2 inch to 200mm. Incorporating the latest pattern recognition technology, the DSM200 offers the highest measurement accuracy of 0.2um at 3sigma on a fully automated platform with minimized operator intervention. Based on the latest-generation SUSS MA200Compact Mask Aligner, the DSM200 provides reliable and accurate metrology for double-sided alignment and exposure applications frequently used in the manufacturing of MEMS devices, power semiconductors and optoelectronics.

When the DSM200 is employed together with the MA200Compact Mask Aligner the two machines represent the perfect package for your front-to-backside alignment application.

Product Highlights

  • Unsurpassed measurement accuracy of 0.2µm
  • Throughput: 50W/h
  • Edge handling capability
  • Measurement area: full wafer surface up to 8 inch
  • Manual and automated mode
  • Multi size toolset (2"/3", 4"/5", 6"/8" chuck) minimizes time required for wafer size changeover
  • Single sided overlay measurement (based on DirectAlign Technology)