MA100e Gen2

Product Announcement from SUSS MicroTec

MA100e Gen2-Image

With the MA100e Gen2 SUSS MicroTec has designed a dedicated mask aligner platform for processing critical compound semiconductors., such as high brightness LEDs (HB-LEDs), power devices, RF-MEMS and many more. With its high precision alignment, customized substrate handling for fragile, warped and transparent wafers and its high resolution down to 0.7µm the MA100e Gen2 is able to overcome all lithography challenges given by the LED manufacturing process.

Based on SUSS MicroTec's production proven mask aligner design the MA100e Gen2 enables exceptional process scalability and fast time-to-market for new device designs, while the industry leading throughput of 145 wafers per hour reduces cycle time.

The MA100e Gen2 is optimized for small wafers sizes up to 4". The system reliably achieves an alignment accuracy of < ±0.7 µm (DirectAlign). Bottomside alignment (BSA) is optionally available offering an alignment accuracy of < ±1.5 µm. The alignment unit of the MA100e is tailored to the specific requirements of LED manufacturing, offering excellent contrast even on transparent and textured wafers.

Product Highlights

  • Dedicated Mask Aligner Solution for HB-LEDs, Power Devices, RF-MEMS etc.
  • Simultaneous handling of 3 wafers allows > 145 wph. incl autoalignment and exposure
  • Multisize tooling minimizes time required for wafer size changes
  • SUSS Diffraction Reducing Optics allows proximity printing for challenging resolution requirements (down to 2.5µm L/S at 20µm exposure gap in thick resist)
  • Non-contact prealignment avoids wafer damages