MA200Compact Mask Aligner

Product Announcement from SUSS MicroTec

MA200Compact Mask Aligner-Image

With the MA200Compact SUSS MicroTec has designed a state-of the art mask aligner platform for wafers up to 200mm that set standards in respect to alignment accuracy, high resolution, 3D patterning over topography and a high level of automation.

The MA200Compact combines proven mask aligner technology with a variety of innovative features that make it the system of choice for thick resist MEMS applications (i.e. Inkjet Heads, accelerometers, HDD), Advanced Packaging (i.e. 3D-packaging, fan-out, WLP, bumping), Compound Semiconductor (i.e. HBLED) and Micro Optics (i.e. Wafer Level Camera)

Product Highlights

  • Alignment accuracy (TSA): < 0.5µm (Direct Align option)
  • Alignment accuracy (BSA): < 1µm
  • High throughput: > 100wph
  • Advanced lithography: new MO exposure optics
  • Intensity uniformity: down to 2% (200mm)
  • Constant dose accuracy: 1,5%
  • Resolution: < 1mm L/S (vacuum contact, 200mm)