MO Exposure Optics

Product Announcement from SUSS MicroTec

MO Exposure Optics-Image

MO Exposure Optics is based on two Micro-Optical Integrators (Fused Silica) and an exchangeable Illumination Filter Plate (IFP). MO Exposure Optics fits well in all existing SUSS Mask Aligner illumination systems. Changing to MO Exposure Optics is a simple Plug & Play operation.

MO Exposure Optics is delivered with a full library of basic illumination settings, including all well-established illumination settings like A-Optics, B-Optics, D-Optics, HR and LGO; plus additional settings like Ring-illumination, Quadrupole and Maltese Cross (0°, 45°). By a simple change of Illumination Filter Plates (IFP) the user can choose his preferred diffraction reduction to improve depth of focus (DOF) and exposure latitude while reducing mask error factors.

Product Highlights

  • Improved exposure light uniformity (± 2%)widens process window and increases yield
  • More light (up to 25%) leads to higher resolution & steeper sidewalls
  • Customized illumination shaping enables highest process flexibilty
  • Optimized illumination for specific mask pattern
  • Variable diffraction reduction

MO Exposure upgrade available for: