Air Heater Temperature Control System

Product Announcement from Saint Clair Systems, Inc.

Theory of Operation

The Anti-Condensation Compressed Air Temperature Control System by Saint Clair Systems is a patented approach to keeping turbine air above the dew point. The SCS 2100AH mounts outside the explosion-proof environment and uses water to transfer heat to the associated air heaters located within 3' of the turbine drive air inlet. This temperature control approach eliminates condensation and the problems that it creates!

Freeze Prevention

The air-heater system eliminates condensation and icing problems. In many industrial coating applications, compressed air is used to power mechanical devices (pumps, motors, spray guns, bells, etc.). When compressed air is released it expands, causing a drop in temperature. In applications such as these, this effect can cause cooling at the exit of the air stream resulting in condensation and even ice build-up. Associated issues range from defects due to water dripping on the parts being processed, to coating equipment failure caused by ice formation.