Chemical Resistant PTFE Fabrics

Product Announcement from Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas

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Whether you need a standard, "off-the-shelf" product, or one that is engineered to a specific application or an entirely new product, we can work with you to meet specific challenges.

Standard Product Offerings:


The best quality glass substrates combined with a high level of PTFE content to produce a smooth surface coating. Excellent for the most demanding applications

High Performance

These products focus on surface quality, smoothness and durability.


This is the standard in the industry. This line combines an excellent choice of quality substrates with the right amount of PTFE coating to achieve the best value and performance in a wide variety of applications.


This is a cost-effective performance line for mechanical applications. Made with a lighter coating of PTFE, Industrial is used where surface finish is not as critical or where the fabric texture may be desirable.


Designed with air-flow in mind, the Porous family of products offers lower levels of PTFE coating to allow for the escape of volatile gases, air circulation or drying and other applications where porosity is a requirement.


Made with a black PTFE coating specially formulated to enhance static dissipation.

Tear Resistant

This line is coated with special formulations of PTFE to increase the flexibility and tear strength of the product. This process also makes the product more comformable and able to resist creasing.

Specialty Coated Fabrics

A wide range of custom woven products, some in widths up to 175". These materials are created for specific belting and fabric applications where custom designed solutions are required.

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