Composite Molding Materials for Turbine Blades

Product Announcement from Saint-Gobain Foams and Tapes

These composite molding materials are used worldwide by virtually every major composite fabricator. Recent developments have led to multiple use, self-adhesive PTFE sheet products marketed under the CHEMLAM® brand that are unique in construction and give blade manufacturers numerous advantages over conventional mold linings.

CHEMLAM® Mold Release Advantages

  • 100% PTFE surface for perfect release from all resin systems
  • eliminates the use of wet-applied release agents
  • multiple blade impressions before lining needs replacement
  • reduced labor costs
  • improved surface quality, therefore reduced rejection rate and re-work prior to subsequent operations
  • durable fabric protects mold surface which amounts to extended mould lifetime
  • lining stays in place during lay up and cure
  • temperature stability to 260°C continuous use
  • dimensionally stable - reinforced with woven glass fabric
  • removes cleanly from mold surface after multiple cure cycles
  • proven cost savings relative to multiple wet-applied agents
  • clean, safe, easy to handle and inert
  • proven use in over 30 blade cycles