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Film Materials for Packaging Closures

Product Announcement from Saint-Gobain Plastic Films and Tapes

Film Materials for Packaging Closures-Image

Life Science Applications

Films for septa, stoppers and other closures, low friction films for prosthetics, ultra-pure filtering membranes, FDA-USDA-CSA compliant materials, sampling bags, blood bags, anti-microbial, fungi and bacterial surfaces and work station protection -- all from Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, Film Products Group.

  • Sensors -- CHEMFILM® Cast Film and ZITEX® porous membranes are used for their controlled permeation rate in gas sensors and detectors
  • Septa -- Pharmaceutical compounds and analytical samples, such as for water testing, cannot be contaminated by its packaging. CHEMFILM® Cast Film and NORTON® Skived Film for isolating critical compounds from their packaging
  • Medical Filtration -- ZITEX® PTFE porous membranes are used for the filtration of medical media, including blood due to the fundamental non-reactivity of PTFE as well as the effective pore size of ZITEX (2 to 60 microns)
  • Cryogenic Sample Preparation -- Fluoropolymers are well known for both their chemical inertness, as well as low temperature flexibility. Both combine favorably in cryogenic sample bags. FEP film is most common in these applications, however, other melt extrudable and heat sealable fluoropolymer films are used for collection, preparation and storage of tissue samples.
  • Protective Systems -- Our chemically inert melt-processable fluoropolymers find their way into PPE (personal protective equipment) as visors or visor shields.
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