Tygon® Traditional Tubing

Product Announcement from Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics - Process Systems

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Tygon® Flexible Tubing

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, creator of the first clear flexible tubing, has set the standard for quality, innovation and performance with our exceptional line of tubing products. Recognized as an integral and vital component of countless fluid transport systems,

Tygon tubing delivers an uncompromising standard of consistent performance in a range of applications. It is offered in a broad range of products, each engineered to meet specific user needs, including resistance to chemicals, temperature fluctuations and abrasion, as well as high purity and long service life.

Tygon Flexible Tubing Products

  • Tygon® Anti-Microbial Tubing: Custom compounding capabilities provide anti-microbial versions of many of our tubing products.
  • Tygon® Beverage Tubing: Formulation B-44-3 specially formulated for transferring beverages, including soft drinks, fruit juices, flavored teas and bottled water.
  • Tygon® Food, Milk and Dairy Tubing: Formulation B-44-4X for dependable performance in countless filling, draining, transfer and processing applications.
  • Tygon® Fuel and Lubricant Tubing: Formulation F-4040-A is the most requested fuel and lubricant tubing used for small engine fuel lines to coolant transfer.
  • Tygon® Inert Tubing: Formulation SE-200 has an FEP inner liner that provides the ultimate in chemical resistance and handles a variety of fluids from corrosives to MEK-based solvents.
  • Tygon® Laboratory Tubing: Formulation R-3603, crystal-clear and flexible, handles virtually all inorganic chemicals four in the lab.
  • Tygon® Long Flex Life Pump Tubing: LFL tubing is crystal clear, formulated for use in peristaltic pump applications.
  • Tygon® Medical/Surgical Tubing: Formulation S-50-HL provides dependable performance in medical device applications.
  • Tygon® Microbore Tubing: Formulation S-54-HL microbore tubing for intravenous and arterial infusion, as well as surgical, hospital and laboratory applications.
  • Tygon® Pressure Tubing: Formulation B-44-4X IB is compatible with virtually all non-solvent chemicals, meeting the needs of many industries where flexibility and higher pressure are required.
  • Tygon® Silver Antimicrobial Tubing: Decreases bacterial growth and provides added value.
  • Tygon® Ultra Soft Tubing: Formulation R-1000 resists a broad range of aqueous chemicals and provides an excellent alternative to silicone tubing in applications where corrosive chemicals are used.
  • Tygon® UV Resistant Tubing: Formulation R-3400 is ideal for virtually any permanent or temporary chemical transfer applications.
  • Tygon® Vacuum Tubing: Formulation R-3603 resists most inorganic chemicals and can be used in corrosive atmospheres.
  • Vendflow® Taste Barrier Tubing: Formulation E-70-V-CE is especially made for water and beverage transfer applications with strict taste requirements.