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OmniFlex™ is a new, proprietary material developed by Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics. It is a fluoroelastomer material with the performance equivalent of perfluoroelastomer materials in chemical resistance and inertness, yet with softer durometer and improved compression-set. OmniFlex™ material has outstanding low temperature performance, down to -57°C (-70°F). The material operates up to a maximum temperature of 218°C (424°F).

With its softer durometer, OmniFlex material is an excellent choice for low friction hydraulic seals and standard o-rings, but special shapes can easily be manufactured to typical dimensional tolerances. To get more specifications, physical property values, and chemical resistance ratings on our complete line of OmniFlex™ proprietary materials, contact Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics.

•Chemical Plants and Processing
•Hydraulic Systems
•Swivels and Booms
•Downhole Applications

•Manifold Gaskets
•Landing Gear Systems
•Braking Systems
•Flight Controls

Electronics / Semiconductor
•Robotic Equipment
•CVD / DVD Chamber
•Precision Pumps
•Seals for Wet and Dry Wafer Fabrication

Life Science
•Advanced Analytic Equipment
•Solenoid Valves
•Surgical Instrumentation
•Medical Devices

Visit our Markets section of the web site for more details on each of these markets.

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