D200 Series DC Rated Switches up to 1000V

Product Announcement from Salzer USA Corp.

D200 Series DC Rated Switches up to 1000V-Image

The New D200 Series (DC rated switches up to 1000V)

With the new D200 Series, Sälzer is now in a position to supply a new kind of switch that has been developed for today's applications. Its main focus is to provide safe, low-loss and permanent switching of DC loads. It supports processes where the currently available switches for DC and AC have reached their limits.

The new D200 system also contains an additional arc reduction system for voltages of 800 V DC to 1000V DC and achieves a high level of thermal stability with minimal current heat losses.

Product features

  • Double-break per contact stage
  • Very high level of long-term stability of switching parameters
  • Operator-independent switching action
  • Forced opening of contacts when switching on and off
  • Compact design with standard overall height for all capacities
  • Complies with IEC 60947-3 and VDE 0660

Unlock a wide range of applications for yourself

  • Wind turbines and photovoltaic systems
  • Inverter systems for photovoltaic
  • EV charging points/eMobility
  • DC electric motors (as the main switch or maintenance switch)
  • Rail sectors
  • Battery chargers and recharging stations