GE MAGNEBLAST Elevating Mechanisms...

Product Announcement from Satin American, LLC

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Your facility's Electrical Power System probability developed during the years 1940 – 1995. During that period, your corporation may have installed GENERAL ELECTRIC, vertical lift switchgear.

For over 80 years Satin American's Engineers have assisted customers like you in evaluating and fulfilling your Switchgear needs. Over these 80 years, we have been an OEM for:


We will supply you, from stock, original replacement GENERAL ELECTRIC ELEVATING MECHANISMS and other Switchgear Parts, parts from stock. , or replacement parts manufactured to the Original Manufacturer's dimensional and Electrical characteristics.

  • Primary Disconnects
  • Porcelain Bottles
  • Barriers
  • Replacement Bus
  • Bus Supports
  • Bracing
  • Secondary Disconnects
  • Insulation
  • Breaker Cells
  • Instrument Transformers
  • Potential Transformers PTs
  • Current Transformers
  • PT compartments
  • CTs
  • Control Power Transformers
  • CPT compartments
  • Meters
  • Switchgear Relays
  • SCADA Bushings
  • Roof Bushings
  • Elevating Mechanisms


Whether you require Replacement Equipment or Remanufacturing and Testing services, or Arc Flash, Maintenance and Safety Training response to your requirements will be immediate.

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