Maintain Uptime / Increase Operator Safety

Product Announcement from Satin American, LLC

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Air circuit breakers are the backbone of most industrial power distribution systems. In many cases, the controls on these workhorses are reaching the end of their service life. Failure can result in equipment damage and periods of unplanned downtime. The Satin American etc-12 can be used to retrofit any vintage of U.S. manufactured breaker and replace aging or obsolete series trip devices or solid state trip units. Upgraded breakers can be expected to provide additional decades of safe and reliable service and have the added benefit of providing safety features that were not available when the breakers were originally manufactured.

Are these points important to you?

* Reducing Arc Flash

* Adding Decades of Life to your Aging Air Circuit Breakers

* Reducing Downtime

* Compliance with NFPA-70E

* Saving Money

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