Product Announcement from Savage Engineering, Inc.

Horizontal Wheel Presses-Image

Savage 75° Inclined Wheel Presses are used to push/pull wheels, sheaves, gears, etc. onto/off of shafts, rolls, armatures or axles. These Forcing Presses have roller mounted crossheads and hydraulic motor positioning. Savage Inclined Wheel Presses allow overhead crane loading. Integral hydraulic power units, meets CE directives. Ram control with automatic pressure hold and automatic ram return. Heavy-duty twin rail design. Open end design allows work of infinite lengths.

Also available are wheel presetters and bearing pullers and presses.

Model shown is inclined to allow overhead loading. Inserts are available for different shaft diameters. Open design allows work of infinite lengths. Many sizes and models available.

· Typically 60″, 72″, or 84″ (up to 144″) vertical clearance between rails

· U-slot width is custom to clear your maximum shaft size

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