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Automatic Guided Carts - Affordable Pedestal AGCs

Product Announcement from Savant Automation, Inc.

Automatic Guided Carts (AGC) are flexible and inexpensive. They can be used for material transportation and assembly line tasks. At about half the cost of a conventional AGV, these units pay for themselves quickly as well as automate and remove overhead labor from manufacturing process.

Savant Automation's DL-10 Automatic Guided Vehicle/Cart is a compact load transporter. The new generation design incorporates the latest technologies and features that customers have stressed are important for automated material handling systems especially the elimination of easily damaged floor tape and floor codes. The AGV can be provided with various configurations to adapt to most any application.

Model DL-10 carries up to 2,000 pounds.

Model DL-15 carries up to 4,000 pounds.

Standard Cart Features:

  • Fully automated operation
  • Internal 'tape-free' navigation
  • Automation forward/reverse operation
  • SMART AGV onboard routing and traffic control logic
  • Onboard diagnostic mode for fast, easy troubleshooting
  • Controls are mounted to allow easy accessibility
  • Remove / Enter on path anywhere without resetting controls
  • Pedestal mounted joystick control for off-path manual operation
  • Rugged steel frame construction for industrial & commercial environments
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