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Compact Front Wheel Drive Tow Vehicles

Product Announcement from Savant Automation, Inc.

Compact Front Wheel Drive Tow Vehicles-Image

Benefits of a Tow System:

  • The ability to move considerably more loads with multiple trailers than a single fork truck
  • Material handling efficiency is planned and predictable
  • A well-designed system can operate at a programmed speed to meet production rates and maintain safety
  • Localized use of manual for trucks should replace maintenance costs and prolong the life of the equipment
  • Increased safety

The DT-20 compact AGV is an efficient and economical choice for routine point-to-point deliveries in manufacturing and distribution environments. It tows trailers, carts, hand pallet jacks, or any wheeled towable device in a manufacturing or warehousing environment. The DT-20 moves up to three times more material than conventional unit load vehicles, while reducing labor costs.

Model DT-20 tows up to 10,000 pounds.

Product Features

  • Automatic or manual operation with built-in operator compartment
  • SMART AGV onboard routing and traffic control logic
  • Onboard diagnostic mode for fast, easy troubleshooting
  • Controls are mounted to allow easy accessibility
  • Remove / Enter on path anywhere without resetting controls
  • User-friendly interactive display
  • 100% gear-driven transmission, no belts
  • Available with Q-CAN" Quick Configurable Automation, user friendly system and design package
  • Remove/enter anywhere on path without resetting systems control
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