We Are The Schneeberger Distributor

Product Announcement from Schneeberger Inc.

We Are The Schneeberger Distributor-Image

Schneeberger, Inc. is the official distributor of Schneeberger linear bearings and guideways to customers in North America. Order fulfilment within two weeks from USA stock is common. Large and diverse inventories, along with two new linear guideway cut-off machines are located in its Bedford, MA facility. The large machine easily cuts through Ball and Roller MONORAIL up to size 65 mm rails. A smaller machine enhances Schneeberger's ability to quickly and accurately cut MINIRAIL to customer specific lengths.

Schneeberger, Inc. has a wide variety of linear guideway sizes and carriage types available in stock now, and continues to build its MONORAIL and MINIRAIL inventory for fast delivery to support urgent machine-down situations, end-user spares, prototype, and series production requirements.

Roller MONORAIL guideways offer high rigidity, great dynamic and static load carrying capacity, outstanding running smoothness and the total enclosure of the carriage are the main features of the MONORAIL guideway. These properties result in higher machining rates while enhancing geometrical accuracy and surface quality of the machined work pieces. Our highly rigid MONORAIL provides improved vibration behavior, smaller vibration amplitudes, thus extending tool life and enhancing surface finish.

Ball MONORAIL guideways feature excellent dynamic properties and many commercial benefits. Designed with a small number of cleverly arranged components, it provides for excellent running properties due to the small number of transitions in the ball tracks, which lead to very quiet running, low pulsation, low friction, and high speed capability. This robust and economical guideway rounds off SCHNEEBERGER's range of products for industrial applications with high demands on speed, reliability and consistently smooth running characteristics.

MlNlRAlL represents the latest generation of miniature guideways for sophisticated applications. They are extremely robust, and their smooth running, precision, and reliability are demonstrated in every application. Our manufacturing know-how makes it possible to produce precision rail lengths up to 980 mm. Carriages include ball retainers to make handling and assembly trouble free.

If you need profiled linear guideway assemblies in a hurry, don’t hesitate. Give Schneeberger, Inc. a call today at 800-854-6333.